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MyLingoKids FAQ

What is MyLingoKids?
MyLingoKids is not just an online language school. It is an online platform and an exclusive brand of MyLingoTrip, specially designed for kids and adolescents where they can learn a foreign language via Skype with a professional tutor that could adequately guide them through this journey. MyLingoKids’ aim is to assure the quality of lessons that is provided through the expertise and special training of our tutors and their close cooperation with students.

How long does each lesson last?
The duration of the lessons can vary according to students’ attention span and age group. Lessons start from 30 minutes and can last up to 2 hours.

Do you have a trial class?
Of course! Take a 30-minute 1-on-1 trial FREE of charge class before committing yourself to a course.

What do I need to use MyLingoKids?
You need a stable internet connection, and Skype installed on your computer, which is free to download.

How do I pay for the lessons?
To book lessons, you have to select a language package, your actual language level, and finally prepay for the sessions (10, 15, or 20 hours-package).

Do you teach on weekends and/or on public holidays?
Most of our teachers do teach on weekends and public holidays. You are welcome to check the availability of your teacher to see if this is possible.

What if I don’t like my instructor?
Even though this is a rare occurrence, if you do not feel comfortable with your teacher due to reasonable grounds, he/she will be replaced with another tutor.

Which methodology is used in the lessons?
MyLingoKids resembles traditional language lessons, utilizing and implementing child-friendly material, aiming to improve all language aspects. The main difference is that lessons and language material are both online, with sessions taking place via Skype. Online books and supplementary exercises will be available to the student upon registering for a course. Grammar, vocabulary, and communicative skills will be practiced through a variety of child-friendly strategies and activities. Tailoring the sessions according to the need of each individual is our primary purpose. The student participates actively during the courses, as the lessons are specially designed for him/her. Learning and having fun should go together!

Are all tutors qualified?
Of course, all MyLingoKids’ tutors are certified language teachers. Additionally, all MyLingoKids’ teachers are native language speakers of their taught language. After each class, you are free to rate your teacher to help us ensure the best teaching quality in every session.

Do I have to buy extra learning material?
No, MyLingoKids provides all necessary learning material for all the courses after the student has registered for a course.

How does the tutor rating system work?
All MyLingoKids tutors are evaluated for their performance. After the completion of each lesson, students are requested to leave a rating score and feedback comment for their tutor. The feedback for each teacher is compiled, and the results are presented as part of their profile.

About the student’s and parent’s profiles
Due to the unique needs of students and their parents, users will have access to two separate kind of profiles which will fit the needs of both parties, taking into consideration the parent’s crucial role in children’s learning journey and fulfilling their need to monitor their children’s learning process. Other factors, such as parents’ and children’s different age groups, attention span, and design preferences, were also taken into consideration.

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