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We want children all over the world to have equal access to knowledge and education! Regardless of students’ location, nationality or social background, we strive to cross new horizons in foreign language learning education, defying all borders and exploring new language pathways through modern technological tools, with the assistance of native professional teachers!

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MyLingo Family – Online Language Schools

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Foreign Language Education for Everyone!

Live online language classes for kids and adults at MyLingoKids and MyLingoTrip, pioneering online language schools, with the assistance of native professional teachers.

With our professional live online language classes, MyLingoKids and MyLingoTrip are the complete solutions to perfectly assist kids and adults in their path to fluency. From the age of 3 until late adolescence, we assist you in reaching your optimum language goals with the assistance of native professional teachers. The lessons are tailored to every student’s needs and are based on a customized curriculum that follows the international CEFR guidelines.

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MyLingoKids, the exclusive brand of MyLingoTrip, is the most advanced online language school for kids and teens, ranging from 3 to 17 years old.

Created in collaboration with child psychologists, it aims at teaching foreign languages to children and adolescents in the light of a student-centered learning approach.

High-quality live online language classes for kids at MyLingoKids will prepare your children for their path to fluency. The lessons are tailored to every student’s needs, are interactive and fun!

Whether your goal is to prepare for an exam, learn a new language, or wish to become the best foreign language speaker in your class, our live online language classes for kids get you covered! Private online language lessons are available anytime, anywhere. Simply choose the date and time that suits you best, the language that you want to learn, and start your language journey with a free trial lesson from the comfort of your home!

Based on MyLingoTrip’s years of expertise as a global leading online language school and following the guidelines of child psychologists and language experts, MyLingoKids guarantees success with live online language classes for kids and teens. In our innovative online language school for kids, with the help of native professional teachers, online language learning is intriguing and fun!

Students at MyLingoKids do not only master a foreign language but are also getting familiarized with the latest educational technology tools by implementing them in their study curriculum. In this modern way, we assist children in their language journey and help them gradually become citizens of the world!

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MyLingoTrip is an international online language school for adults.

Based on its years of expertise in the field of educational technology, it has gained a leading position in the global online market of language education.

Our secret remedy? Our deep care for each student and the profound belief that foreign language education should be an affordable option for anyone that wants to expand his knowledge!

With our years of expertise and the help of our native professional teachers, we guarantee success by offering live online language classes for adults that are tailored to every student’s needs. Learning a foreign language is a gift for life, and with MyLingoTrip’s professional assistance, it is a challenge worth facing!

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