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MyLingoKids, the exclusive brand of MyLingoTrip, is the most advanced foreign language learning platform for children and adolescents, ranging from 4 to 17 years old!

Created in collaboration with child psychologists, it aims at teaching foreign languages to children and adolescents in the light of a student-centered learning approach.

Based on MyLingoTrip’s years of expertise as a global leading online language academy for adults and following the guidelines of child psychologists regarding the optimum methods of promoting children’s effectiveness in learning foreign languages, MyLingoKids guarantees success and lots of fun!

Students at MyLingoKids do not only master a foreign language but are also getting familiarized with the latest educational technology tools, assisting them in their journey and making them citizens of the world!


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Students at the center

We have created 3 study groups, based on students’ age range and scientific data regarding each groups’
attention and motivation level, so that the most suitable study curriculum can be applied.
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4-8 years old

Children in this age range can learn any foreign language with the right professional assistance. Although they can be easily distracted due to their restricted attention span, they have a high sense of creativity and imagination. Our special-trained teachers know how to captivate children’s attention while keeping them involved in a creative and intriguing learning journey. It is the optimum time to promote language fluency and set the ground for a glorious future!
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9-12 years old

Students in this age group are usually energetic, curious, and eager to explore the world! At MyLingoKids, we know how to use this natural curiosity to involve the students in a fun and intriguing learning process. Our passionate teachers will keep them focused on their learning goals to achieve their optimal language potential. They know exactly how to combine learning and fun so that the students will look forward to their next class!
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13-17 years old

We know that traditional language lessons can sometimes be quite monotonous for teenagers. Attending online lessons at MyLingoKids is far away from that! With the assistance of experienced teachers and by incorporating the latest technological tools in your learning curriculum, learning a new language will be a game! It will not only be pleasurable and exciting, but it will also provide you with all the necessary means to set the ground for a prosperous future!

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Get to know us better!
Just press play and watch our introduction-video to MyLingoKids features and platform.

A bridge that eliminates distances.

Children shall have access to knowledge and education no matter where they are! MyLingoKids preserves
that right and acts as a bridge, connecting students from remote areas with superb teachers
from around the globe.

Explore the benefits

Expert Tutors
All our teachers are certified language tutors, fluent in English, and native speakers of the language they teach. They are continuously monitored and supervised by child psychologists, trained to deliver the best possible learning experience in a child-friendly way.
Full Parental Control
Due to parents’ major role in educating their children, they are provided with complete control over all aspects of their children’s progress through their administrative profiles.
Super Easy via Skype
The courses are conducted in virtual classrooms via Skype, super easy! Material, notes exercises and overall progress are available at MyLingoKids’ platform.
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Simple for everyone
We created a platform that is easy to use, child-friendly and fun! Join us in a language trip now, by following these simple steps:

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Create a Parent Account
Fill out a form with your personal and contact information and create your administrative account from where you will be able to create your child’s profile and purchase hours for their lessons.
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Register your children
As soon as you will have created a parent account, you will be able to register your child by filling out a form with important information regarding him/her.
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Get a Free Lesson
After registering your child, the student is welcome to select the language of his/her choice and receive a free trial lesson, to ensure his/her satisfaction before proceeding to the final stage of purchasing a study package.

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Certified lessons and curriculum

Our lessons and study curriculum follow the international CEFR standards.